Welcome to my services, where I offer you a complete program based off of your goal!  Whether you want to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle, gain weight, contest prep, or bulk I will guide you. Over the years I have picked up a lot of wisdom and knowledge training hundreds of clients and learning from the TOP trainers in the fitness world, Ifbb pros, and of course my own journey from being a NYC fashion model to a heavy weight bodybuilder.

​ With my program  I cover your nutrition in detailed layout, workouts to follow, cardio, supplements, questions answered etc. All the works needed to get you to your goal, you just have to follow my lead! We will tweak and change your program as we go to keep you on track and moving. We will also check in weekly to hold you accountable! For any other questions or details on my customized  programs please use the form on the contact page! Lets go baby!   

Services -
Online coaching
Online nutrition/workout plans
Weight gain
Weight loss
Online or in person posing lessons
In person 1 on 1 training
and more... just email me for information on my contact page!